Inspection Packages

At Inspect360 we offer competitive rates with all of our professional services. Each of our packages are designed to provide you with the services you need at an affordable rate. Each package offers a full evaluation of the foundation, attic framing and insulation, roof covering, water heater, heating and air condition systems, electrical and plumbing systems, and built-in appliances. Everything from the roof to the ground will be examined. We also include a complimentary thermal scan service of the electrical panel, HVAC system components, and master shower drain pan.

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Package Comparison

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Essential PackageAdvantage Package
(Most Popular)
Ultimate Package
(Most Comprehensive)
Home InspectionYes Yes Yes
Sprinkler System InspectionYes Yes Yes
Basic Thermal Imaging Yes Yes Yes
Digital Foundation Inspection Yes Yes Yes
Termite InspectionNo Yes Yes
Sewer Scope InspectionNo Yes Yes
Full Thermal ImagingNo No Yes
Level 2 Foundation SurveyNo No Yes

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