Seller Pre-Listing Inspections

Sell your home faster with detailed pre-listing inspections from Inspect360. Our pre-listing home inspections are a valuable part of our Inspect-to-Sell program, which focuses on making your Dallas-Fort Worth or East Texas area home marketable to interested buyers. Call us at (817) 754-0360 to request a quote or schedule online now.


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What Is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

When it comes to real estate transactions, no one, buyer or seller, likes surprises. Our pre-listing inspections, or Inspect-to-Sell homes, eliminate the upsetting shock caused by discovering unexpected repairs during the buyer inspection. By having a seller inspection completed ahead of time, your home is in the best position to sell quickly and with much less hassle.

With each inspection we include basic thermal imaging , digital foundation evaluations , and over $25,000 in warranty protection. When working with Inspect360, our inspect-to-sell homes are thoroughly evaluated with a 500+ Point examination of the entire property, including:

Structural and mechanical components

Attic and roof

Electrical systems

Plumbing system

All major appliances

Heating and cooling systems

Advantages of Our Inspect-to-Sell Program

Create a concise, detailed inspection report before buyers arrive

Allow time for repairs to effectively market your home

Reduce the chance of costly surprises found during a buyer inspection

Increase the likelihood of serious offers turning into closings

Make buyers more comfortable by revealing the home’s true condition

Eliminate the need for stressful negotiations



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