3 Common Commercial Foundation Issues

A commercial building is one of the most expensive investments your company can make. That’s why protecting it is crucial for business success. While you might be preoccupied with protecting everything inside the building, you must not forget about the foundation. Many problems with a building start with foundation issues, which is why you need the inspection expertise from Inspect360. Here are several of the most common foundation issues we see.

3 Common Commercial Foundation Issues

1. Wall Cracks

The foundation of a commercial building is often thought to be unphased by the elements. But the truth of the matter is that the foundation deals with all the elements 24/7, and exterior wall cracks are usually the first sign of trouble. If you see a crack forming on the outside of your building, it’s time to call an inspector. Interior wall cracks are also one of the first signs that the foundation has shifted or your construction is failing. So, identifying the issue with your foundation is crucial to ensuring your building doesn’t fall apart.

2. Uneven Flooring

Another early sign of foundation issues is the gradual shifting or sinking of your building. This often leads to uneven flooring and is usually most noticeable where there are tiles or hardwood floors. As the building continues to sink into the ground, you’ll start to notice that chairs roll in one direction, furniture leans a little one way, or pictures are harder to level. This is not a problem you want to ignore, and the longer you wait, the more it will cost you. 

3. Upheaval

Similar to how your foundation can sink further into the ground, it can also rise up. This issue is known as foundation upheaval and usually affects the perimeter of a building. When moisture in the soil builds up or when there’s heavy rain, the soil becomes saturated and can pool around the foundation. The ripple effect can start to impact how doors open and shut, how level hallways are, or create saturated areas of carpet along exterior walls. 

Call for a Foundation Inspection Today

At Inspect360, we use digital technology to survey the foundation of every building we inspect in Dallas, TX. We make sure that our inspection of the foundation is at the top of our priority list because it’s one of the most crucial parts of your commercial building. We also offer septic inspections, sprinkler inspections, and new construction inspections. To request your quote, call today at (817) 754-0360.

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