3 Reasons a Pre-Drywall Inspection Is Crucial

Building a new home takes a lot of planning, coordination, and scheduling. Not only are you working with a builder, but you’re also talking to designers and material suppliers to plan out every inch of your new home. This makes construction inspections crucial, including a pre-drywall inspection from Inspect360. These are the top three reasons to give us a call for this type of inspection.

3 Reasons a Pre-Drywall Inspection Is Crucial


1. Ensures Plumbing Work Is Complete

Before the drywall goes up, it’s important to know what the plumbing and piping looks like throughout your new home. Plumbing is one of the most crucial parts of your home, so an inspector will make sure that all of it is installed properly. This type of inspection also gives you the time and space to make mental notes of any potential trouble areas later on. It’s also the only opportunity you’ll have to correct any plumbing concerns before drywall is installed. 

2. Inspects Electrical Work

There are strict building codes that builders and electricians must follow when it comes to wiring your new home. Without a pre-drywall inspection, you’ll never know if any of this was up to code. With a professional inspection, you can rest easy knowing that all of your outlets are up to code, all rooms have overhead wiring for lights, and everything wires back to your electrical box correctly.

3. Guarantees Ductwork Is Installed Properly

The HVAC system installation is an important process. This is why a pre-drywall inspection is crucial, especially for this aspect of your home. Once the drywall goes up, changes to your HVAC system and fittings are more timely and costly. An independent inspector will look for signs that the ductwork hasn’t been installed properly, identify areas where airflow won’t be efficient, and ensure rough-ins are up to code.

Schedule a Pre-Drywall Inspection Today

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with building a new home. It’s critical to have the right team of inspectors in your corner. That’s why residents throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, trust the team from Inspect360. Not only do we offer pre-drywall inspections, but we also provide pool inspections, sewer inspections, and commercial inspections. Request an appointment for your new home online or call us today at (817) 754-0360.

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