4 Signs Your Wellhead Is Going Bad

A wellhead is essential to your water well system, keeping your water supply clean and safe from outside debris. It’s vital to keep an eye on your wellhead and ensure it’s not damaged in any way. As one of the most vital components of a private well, this is the first thing Inspect360 looks at when doing a private well inspection on a property. Subsequently, these are the most common signs your wellhead is going bad.

4 Signs Your Wellhead is Going Bad

1. Signs of Rust

One of the most apparent signs there’s an issue with a wellhead is the sign of rust. Rust can develop on the surface or inside the wellhead, which can cause damage to the wiring and pump over time. If you notice any signs of rust, it’s important to get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

2. Unpleasant Odor or Taste

Another common wellhead issue is an unpleasant odor or taste in your water. This can be an indication of bacteria or other contaminants that may have entered your wellhead from above. It’s essential to address this issue promptly, as contaminants in your water can lead to serious health problems.

3. Leaks or cracks

It’s essential to give your wellhead a visual inspection regularly. If you notice any visible cracks or leaks in the wellhead, it’s critical to address them promptly. Small leaks can quickly escalate into significant problems that may require costly repairs or replacement of the wellhead.

4. Age of the Wellhead

Wellheads have a lifespan of about 25 to 30 years, depending on the material and usage. If a home you’re purchasing has an older wellhead, it’s essential to have it checked by a professional inspector like Inspect360. We can help identify potential issues and suggest the best course of action to ensure your wellhead functions correctly.

Be Confident in Purchasing Your Home

Whether a home is operating on city supply or a well, having it inspected before you buy gives you confidence and guarantees it’s the right investment. So, before you settle on a property, call Inspect360 for a buyer’s inspection, septic inspection, and termite inspection. We want you to feel secure in your new home here in Colleyville, TX. So, schedule your appointment today at (817) 754-0360.

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