How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Your Dallas Fort Worth, Texas home inspection company, Inspect360, is pleased to share with you simple updates create the perfect outdoor living space in your backyard

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In the summer your backyard can quickly become the most important “room” of your home. However, you aren’t alone if your backyard looks outdated and lackluster. Weather conditions can be tough on outdoor areas, but with a few simple updates, you can create the perfect outdoor living space.

Backyard gates

Usually the first thing you and your guests see when entering your yard is the gate, so why not make a great first impression by updating rusty and squeaky gate hardware. D&D Technologies’ LokkLatch Magnetic gate latch operates and locks from both sides of the gate, and it’s re-keyable so you don’t have to carry multiple keys for your house. Featuring D&D’s patented magnetic latching and horizontal and vertical adjustment to ensure a consistent gate closure upon ground movement, LokkLatch Magnetic is the first gate lock to offer coordinating handle trim covers that match your lighting and yard accessories. Available in black, brushed and chrome trim covers, this gate latch helps to create a cohesive look that enhances your outdoor living environment. Complete the look with matching TruClose self-closing gate hinges, also offering coordinated trim covers.


Weather permitting, your yard can be the perfect place to relax for an evening. Avoid sitting in total darkness. The many options of patio lighting including path sconces, post lamps and even string lights –all are an answer to keeping your outdoor space lit and inviting.


The key to decorating any room in your home is attractive, comfortable furniture that beckons to be sat upon, and this is no different for your outdoor furniture. While prices on outdoor furniture can be a little overwhelming, used furniture with a little love and creativity can be good as new, without the high cost. Cozy chairs, chaise lounges and benches can gain new use with a coat of outdoor spray paint, then recover cushions and add colorful pillows to finish it off.

Pool gates

Pools are often the focal point of summer backyard activity. Make sure your pool is safe for children and pets with an isolation fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Pool gates should be at least 48 to 60 inches tall (depending on local safety code requirements) and accommodate a secure locking device such as D&D’s MagnaLatch safety gate latch that extends above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children. With its magnetic latching system, it won’t jam, is self-latching and vertically and horizontally adjustable. MagnaLatch features a contemporary design and comes in both black and white to match your gate and accessories. Visit for a full range of gate hardware products and to find a retailer near you, including many fencing contractors, hardware retail stores, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Plants, flowers and shrubs

Even if they’re only alive for a few months out of the year, flowers can bring any yard to life. A few strategically placed shrubs, flower beds and herb gardens can help turn your outdoor area into a lively space perfect for relaxing personal moments or parties with friends and family.

Statues and accessories

Give your backyard even more personality by selecting a few garden statues or other accessories that reflect your style – such as recycled metal sculptures, elaborately painted bird houses, unique planters or large colorful rocks. With a few simple updates, you can easily create an outdoor retreat in your own backyard that can provide you the space for entertaining, reading and relaxing without a costly renovation. So go get started. dallas fort worth, texas home inspection company, inspect360, owner lance dunahoe

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