Improve Your Home Using These 3 Low-Cost Solutions

According to a recent report by Remodeling Magazine, not all home remodeling projects yield a return. The report found that remodeling projects only add about 60 to 80 percent of the costs to the home’s value. Furthermore, many large projects rarely yield any positive return. So, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, let Inspect360 do a pre-listing inspection and then maybe consider making these three low-cost home improvements.

Improve Your Home Using These 3 Low-Cost Solutions

1. Refurb

Replacing those kitchen cabinets might seem like a good remodeling idea. However, it’s a lot more cost-effective and cheaper for you to refurbish them. Installing new cabinets or having them custom-made is expensive, and you’re likely not going to get that return once you sell your home. Instead, try painting them a new color and installing some new hardware for a completely new look. You’ll save yourself some cash and further allow the next homeowner to replace or remodel the kitchen to fit their tastes. 

2. Ditch Clutter

One of the main reasons homeowners build additions is space. It’s no surprise that after years of living in a home, you’ve probably accumulated quite a bit of stuff. Adding on might seem like the best solution, but you could open your home up by removing a lot of clutter. Try organizing and decluttering your living room, attic, and basement storage areas to free up space. If you have large family heirlooms that you can’t part with, then an off-site storage unit is still cheaper than a home addition. 

3. Paint

It’s amazing what a gallon of paint and some brushes can do for both the interior and exterior of your home. Many people get tired of the color of their siding or want to make an interior room look larger. So, they turn to paint. By choosing to paint over replacing or expanding, you’ll save money on a remodel that may not even yield you a return. You’ll also avoid disruptions to your daily routines since you won’t be living in a construction zone. With a free weekend and a helping hand, you can give your home a completely new look, inside and out.

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