4 Questions to Ask When Buying a House with a Pool

Buying a house with a swimming pool is an exciting decision, but it comes with unique challenges. Adding a pool can significantly increase the value of a home, but pool maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. Not to mention, it requires its own inspection and insurance. So, here are four important questions Inspect360 wants you to ask when buying a house with a pool.

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a House with a Pool

1. What Type of Pool is It?

Before purchasing a home with a pool, knowing the type is important. There are different types of pools, such as concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools. Each has its pros and cons. Concrete pools, for example, are the most durable but require the most maintenance. Fiberglass pools require less upkeep, but they’re more prone to algae. Vinyl liner pools are the most budget-friendly but need liner replacements every few years. Knowing what type of pool you’re buying can help you make an informed decision.

2. When Was the Pool Installed?

The age of the pool is an essential factor in determining its condition. Knowing when it was installed can show you how much use and wear and tear it has been through. If the pool is several years old, that may indicate that it needs replacements or repairs, and that can add to the cost of owning the home.

3. Is the Pool up to Code?

Building codes for pools update throughout the years, and an older pool may not be up to code. You need to ensure that the pool meets your area’s pool fencing and safety standards. Are the pool gates childproof? Is the pool fence high enough? What about pool covers or alarms to warn against unauthorized access? Thankfully, our pool inspection will help ensure all these questions are answered.

4. What is the Cost of Maintaining the Pool?

Pool maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. You need to know what you’re getting into and budget for the upkeep. Ask about the upkeep costs, such as cleaning, chemicals, equipment maintenance, and energy bills for running the pool pump and heater. You need to be prepared for these costs as they can quickly add to your home’s monthly cost.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Buying a house with a pool is a significant financial investment. You want to make sure that you’re making an informed decision. So, before you buy, let’s ensure the property is worth your time and hard-earned dollars. Inspect360 proudly works with home buyers throughout Colleyville, TX, offering a wide range of services, including pool, sewer, and sprinkler inspections. To schedule your appointment, call us at (817) 754-0360.

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