What is the Purpose of a Sewer Scope?

A sewer scope inspection from Inspect360 is not the sexiest element of a property transaction, but it’s incredibly vital. For professionals in the real estate industry, understanding the importance and value of sewer scope is critical to facilitating smooth home buying and selling processes. Below, we dive into the intricate details of why sewer scopes matter to your buyer and seller transactions.

What is the Purpose of a Sewer Scope?

What Is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer scope inspects the sewer line of a property. It starts from the house and extends to the city’s main line or septic tank connection. The process involves running a specialized camera through the pipe, which relays a live inspection video to the technician above ground. Problems we often detect during the inspection are invasive root systems, contributing to misalignments or breaks in the line, and blockages from non-flushable items or waste materials. Unfortunately, all of these can impact the successful sale of a property.

What to Expect During the Inspection?

During a typical inspection, our technician will access the main sewer line through an existing clean-out. Using a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible rod, we carefully navigate the sewer line, meticulously recording its condition to note any issues. Buyers and sellers can expect the process to take approximately one hour. Upon inspection completion, a detailed report and footage are provided, offering a transparent look at the sewer system’s health and helping to inform any necessary maintenance decisions.

When Should You Schedule an Inspection?

Realtors, sellers, and buyers should consider scheduling a sewer scope inspection during the early stages of the home selling or buying process. For sellers, pre-listing inspections can reveal potential issues that might be addressed before placing the home on the market. Doing so can help them avoid last-minute negotiations or buyer concerns. For buyers, arranging a sewer scope inspection after a positive general home inspection is advisable, ensuring no hidden sewer line problems will surprise them upon ownership. Since sewer repairs can be notably expensive, having this information upfront can be a key factor in making informed decisions during real estate transactions.

Who Can You Trust? 

For any real estate professional, a sewer scope inspection is critical for ensuring that properties are sold and purchased with full disclosure and security. When you need a reliable inspection done on a property in Colleyville, TX, turn to Inspect360. In fact, we’ll be your go-to inspector for the entire buying process. We have several inspection packages, including sprinkler inspections, pool inspections, and septic inspections. So, give us a call to schedule your appointment at (817) 754-0360.

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