How Owning a Pool Affects Your Home Insurance

As a homeowner who likes swimming or relaxing in the water, owning a pool is an excellent addition to your property. Not only can it increase your home’s value, but it can also provide a place to entertain family and friends during the summer months. However, as much as having a backyard pool is a fun investment, it comes with added responsibilities, such as maintenance and inspections from Inspect360. But, owning a pool also affects your home insurance, and here’s how.

How Owning a Pool Affects Your Home Insurance

Liability Coverage

One of the main ways owning a pool affects your home insurance is by minimum coverage. If someone is injured while using your pool, it may lead to medical expenses or lawsuits. Therefore, your home insurance policy should cover the bare minimum of liability coverage. This way, you’re covered for medical expenses, legal fees, and any other related costs.

Additional Coverage

In addition to liability coverage, your insurance company may require additional coverage. That’s because a pool increases the value of your property. Therefore, in the event of an accident, the insurance company will compensate for damages. Your policy may require additional coverage for the pool’s structure, equipment, and anything associated with it.


The cost of insurance premiums is also an important consideration. Owning a pool will increase your premiums because it is a liability concern. The more amenities you have on your property, the higher your premiums will be because the insurance company will compensate for more damages for any potential risks. You may want to compare the cost of adding a pool versus the increased cost in premiums.

Get Your Pool Inspected For Insurance Purposes

Owning a pool is a huge investment that may significantly impact your home insurance policy. Whether you’re putting one in or buying a home with one, your insurance company will need an inspection on the books. That’s where Inspect360 steps in. We proudly serve residents throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, helping them feel safe and secure about their properties. We also offer sprinkler inspections and pre-listing inspections. So, schedule your appointment today at (817) 754-0360.

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