The Next Steps Following a Home Inspection

When you’re buying a home, hiring Inspect360 for your home inspection is always a good idea. Our inspections are thorough and will help you avoid costly repairs down the road. But once we’re done with our part, what should you do with our report? Well, here are some tips for what’s next.

Next Steps Following a Home Inspection

Read Your Report

Once you receive our report about your potential new home, you have about two-three days to read it over. We recommend you take your time and read the entire report thoroughly. This final document contains vital information concerning structural issues, foundational problems, and details on all home systems. In your report, you’ll also find a list of potential health and safety concerns that should be addressed by either you or the seller. While not all of these repairs are critical, it’s still our job to note them and make you aware. 

Discuss the Report with Your Agent

With your report in hand, it’s time to review it with your real estate agent. This step is essential, as it lets all parties in on what’s happening with the house. Some of the defects we find can be written into your purchasing agreement as addendums. You can also take this opportunity to make any reasonable requests from the seller before you commit to the home’s final purchase. These things can include cosmetic issues, non-structural repairs, and landscaping issues.

Responses and Price Negotiations

An inspection report gives you leverage over the seller as it allows you to ask for a more reasonable selling price. This counteroffer and negotiation step is vital to ensure you pay an excellent price for the home and still have funds to make significant repairs when they do arise. The seller may or may not agree to all the repairs you requested. If they don’t complete all the major ones, your inspection report gives you that negotiating power.

Call for Your Home Inspection Today

Before you sign on that dotted line, make sure you’ve had your new home inspected thoroughly by the team at Inspect360. Not only will we look for termites and mold, but we’ll also scope the sewer and take a look at that pool. We also offer 1-year warranty inspections for newly constructed homes throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. So, call us today at (817) 754-0360.

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