Top 3 Reasons to Get a Sprinkler Inspection

Does the home you’re thinking about purchasing come with a lawn sprinkler system? Then, you’re going to want a sprinkler system inspection from Inspect360. Lawn sprinklers are a great bonus with any home purchase, but their functionality is crucial in closing the deal. Without an inspection, you could be buying a home that needs extensive sprinkler repairs. Here are several other reasons this type of inspection is necessary.

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Sprinkler Inspection

1. Avoid Costly Water Bills

Any home that has a sprinkler system has higher water bills, generally speaking. However, new technology and smart sprinkler systems have made it easier for homeowners to save money. Without an inspection, you won’t know what condition the sprinkler heads are in or if the system is even up to date. Getting this type of evaluation of your dream home could help you save hundreds on your future water bills.

2. Spot Leaks or Damage

Without knowing exactly what you’re looking for, spotting water line damage or leaks is impossible. However, when you rely on our sprinkler inspectors’ trained eyes, you can rest easy knowing that any potential damage or actual damage is noted. We will even make expert recommendations on repairs. With this kind of information in hand, you can better negotiate your new home’s price or get the current homeowner to make the necessary repairs.

3. Prevent Killing Your New Lawn

Everyone wants a lush green lawn, but you’ll struggle to maintain that if the new-to-you sprinkler system is overwatering the grass. Too much water in your lawn can wash away essential minerals and nutrients in the soil, causing toxic runoff and killing your grass in the process. An inspector will look for dead patches and soft, squishy spots that appear to be getting overwatered. This issue could be due to the need for sprinkler head adjustments or be a sign of damage below the surface. 

Schedule All of Your Inspections

When you need a lawn sprinkler inspection done right, trust the team at Inspect360. Our team proudly serves residents throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. In fact, we’re often the one-stop-shop for all inspections, including sewer line inspections, pool and spa inspections, and pre-listing inspections. To schedule your appointment with us, call today at (817) 754-0360.

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