Why Testing Well Water Is Important

Congratulations on your new home! Before you settle in, it’s important to make sure that the water from your well is safe for drinking and other uses. To ensure that everything is kosher, consider having your well water tested. While Inspect360 can inspect the hardware of your well, we highly recommend having the water tested, too. Continue reading to learn about why testing your well water is important.

What Are the Benefits of Testing Well Water?

What Does Well Water Testing Entail?

Testing your well water involves taking a sample of the water and then having it analyzed by a laboratory. The laboratory’s job is to determine if any contaminants are present. In Texas, it’s recommended that you have your private well water analyzed yearly or every time you notice a change in odor or clarity. Additionally, your water should be tested for fecal coliform, nitrates, and total dissolved solids (TDS). 

Why Should I Have My Well Water Tested?

To put it simply, testing your well water will help ensure that it is safe to consume. Contaminants like toxins and heavy metals can be harmful if ingested or even if they come into contact with our skin. Furthermore, if your well is compromised with bacteria or another contaminant, it could spread to other wells in the area. This is why regular testing is so important—It helps protect not just yourself but also those living in the surrounding area.

What Are the Benefits of Clean Well Water?

Well water is essential for many households in Texas, so keeping the water clean is beneficial. Additionally, clean well water can help reduce the risk of developing certain diseases or illnesses due to exposure to harmful bacteria or toxins that may be present in other water sources. By keeping your private well clean, you can easily tell when something is off and notify the correct authorities. This helps prevents further contamination in other areas and other private wells. 

Get Your Well Water Tested and Your Well Inspected!

Testing your well water is one of the most important steps you can take as a homeowner. Clean tap water is crucial for keeping your family safe. If you’re looking at buying a home in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, with a private well, make sure you call Inspect360. We have the knowledge and expertise to inspect all components of your well, and we’ll recommend testing. We can also inspect pools, sewers, and septics. So, request your quote online or call us at (817) 754-0360.

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