3 Reasons You Need a Sewer Line Inspection

Your home’s sewer system is usually not at the top of your mind until something goes wrong. We often assume this intricate and overworked system is operating correctly at all times. However, getting your sewer line inspected regularly from Inspect360 ensures that you’re not caught off guard. Many homeowners don’t realize they should have this service performed, so we wanted to share several reasons you need a sewer inspection.

3 Reasons You Need a Sewer Line Inspection

1. Tree Roots Love Sewer Lines

Tree roots spread out in all directions, weaving their way through the ground to find water and nutrients. So, it’s not surprising that your sewer line is the perfect attraction. Tree roots can easily sneak into tiny cracks in a pipe and then expand. This expansion can cause blockages and even complete pipe bursts. If you have mature trees or are thinking about planting new ones, get a sewer inspection to ensure your lines are intact and that you don’t plant a new tree over an existing line. 

2. Repairs Are Expensive

If you’re not sure whether the cost of an inspection is worth it, consider the alternative. Unexpected sewer repairs are expensive and are often not covered by homeowner’s insurance because their wear and tear is considered natural. In addition to the monetary costs, breakdowns in your sewer lines can be messy and dangerous. Not only could the backup flood your home, but it can also leak toxic gas. With an inspection, you can quickly and easily repair small leaks and be prepared for full replacement. 

3. Deterioration Is Normal

If your home is fairly new, you may not have to worry about a sewer inspection anytime soon. Most sewer lines are built to last up to 40 years, but that doesn’t mean wear and tear doesn’t take a toll. If your home is older than 20 years, you should be scheduling sewer inspections regularly. The older the system, the more at risk you are for something to go wrong. Older lines are usually constructed from clay, cesspools, or tar paper, and can erode and deteriorate over time, making it essential you get an inspection.

Schedule Your Sewer Line Inspection

Are you looking for a professional inspection company to perform a detailed evaluation of your sewer lines? Then turn to Inspect360. We are one of the first inspection companies to offer sewer line inspections in Dallas, TX. We also provide residents with sprinkler inspections, pool inspections, and septic inspections. Request your quote online or give us a call today at (817) 754-0360. 

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